• Is everyone in my neighborhood eligible to join?

      Yes all home owners in Tamaron can join and become a member of the Tamaron HOA.

    • What does Homeowners Association do?

      There are many things that the HOA does to help maintain the community.

      maintain common areas of the community


    • Statement from Hildebram Diaz about Tamaron HOA 3/25/20

      The TAMARON HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, Inc. is not a true Homeowners Association per Florida Statutes.
      It is a corporation, an association of home owners, as established in the Articles of Incorporation, dated September 24, Save1979, Charter Number 749038. As such, it is a Voluntary Association and Owners in Tamaron cannot be subject to mandatory dues, assessments, liens or fines from the Tamaron Homeowners Association. You as a Tamaron owner may or may not be a member of the Association, it is a matter of your free will, and there is nothing the Association can do about it under current law. However, as stated in the Deed Restrictions for Tamaron, every owner, and the THA as a group of owners, has the right to take another owner to Court, if the latter owner is violating the Deed Restrictions. (We are not attorneys and this is not legal advice, please consult your own attorney with any questions)”.

      The HOA Board agrees with this statement.

    • Does Tamaron HOA maintain the lakes?

      The lakes are owned and maintained by the county.

    • Future questions

      Please email HAO@Tamaron-hoa.com if you have questions

    • what is the Bugle?