• Community Standards Survey Review – Please Read This!

  • This area of the web site is to review the new Community Standards and leave comments on them. The sections of the Community Standards have been broken down by topic to help keep comments on a topic together. Please review all sections and make comments in sections where relevant.

    We would like to thank the members of the Community Standards committee for their time and hard work to come up with the first draft of the Community Standards. The Members are Laruie Robson, KC Walensky, James Myers, Allen Eash, Susan Flanegin, Dawn Paterno, Paula Haigler, Kirk Groome, Ron Netco, and Suzanne Naiman.

    Most of the language in the sections are just explaining the idea of what is the intent of the standard. There are a few sections that the committee pulled form other community standards and copied. Where we reference current restrictions we are talking about the current deed restrictions in unit 5 (Unit 5 deed restrictions can be found here). If you have questions about something please leave a comment and the community will get an answer

    Once we feel we have what the community wants we will then work with the lawyers to get a legal document for final approval of the community

    Please use this to provide feed back to the community standards committee. This is just a DRAFT on topics to get feedback from the community and better understand what the community wants. We will be using your feedback to update and define the different topics in the community standards.


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    4. Community Standards are going to be what we want in our new deed restrictions.

    Regarding Unit 5 , #11 e - No wall, hedge, fence or enclosure of any kind shall be constructed or grown on the following lots in Unit 5 without the express consent of the Developer, its successors or assigns: Lot17,Block1;Lots15-53, Block 2 Lots 6,21, 22, 24 , Block 15; Lots 1,11,12, Block 16. I would like to see this amended so that fences or hedges may be constructed along the side lot line. I believe the community would benefit from a screened view of trash cans, pool pumps and other machinery, etc. In addition, I am concerned about the safety of neighborhood children who cut through the yard as they avoid going a slightly longer route on the sidewalk.


    Hi Katy, In the sections Garbage Containers there is some talk about a 4 foot fence at the sid of the house for trash cans and around the AC unit and we talked about allowing that on all homes.


    Message: We would like to recommend an addition to the Draft Community Standards document. It would be under 6. Vehicles and be added to Current Restrictions. Golf carts are not allowed on public streets or the Preserve. Sarasota County has an ordinance against golf carts on public roads or sidewalks and is covered under Florida Statute 316.212. We see a lot of them now in Tamaron. Pinecraft has a special exception approval for their district but that stops at Beneva Rd and does not carry eastward.


    In regards to gold carts, we may have to allow them. As America increases their need for electric vehicles, we will have to change this old observation about gold carts. Amish and Mennonite now allow their followers to have e-bicycles, many mobility boards and scooters are now bought by the public, and electric transportation is growing more popular. Our old Florida laws about electric golf carts, e-bikes, hoverboards, ...etc will have to change in order to accommodate the needs of our people. Very soon Tamaron may see robotics in our yards and streets. If anything, Tamaron should be planning for the installation of vehicle charging stations in our development, whether they are inside of a garage or outside. As we have started to observe, some charging stations are installed outside of a dwelling from a pole in the ground and can deter from the look of a home. Additionally, some of them are designed to be fastened to a garage wall and may require construction modifications to a home, such as filling our hollow cell walls with concrete in order to guarantee the integrity of the structure. Charging stations installed inside of our homes cannot be viewed as an oversized electrical outlet because of their weight and demands on the electrical breaker panels. In the 1980s, we were confronted with the problem of installing sprinkler system zone timers inside or outside of the house and found that it was easy to install them inside of the garage because they required very little wiring and no plumbing modifications. Vehicle charging stations for golf carts, mobility chairs, cars, and trucks will have to be planned differently because some of them have to be installed outside of the garage because installing them inside might have to break up the floor, and Tamaron building structures are not designed to withstand heavy items attached to the wall. Also, as solar electric becomes more popular, and our residents choose to install this feature in their homes, we will have to consider how this can be done as easy as possible for our homeowners. Solar hot water heaters are installed in our development but install through the house roof and require a small amount of wiring. This does require additional support for the roof trusses, so that they can hold the additional weight of the circulated water and inclement weather, but does not yet create stress on our building walls or floors. Our home walls are not built on a footer or support system such as we find in modern homes. Rather, they are built on a four inch thick concrete pad that is not able to tolerate heavier walls or roofs.