• Commercial Activity

    1. No business or commercial activity of any kind shall be conducted on or from any Lot nor in or from any residence except as provided herein. Nor may the address or location of the residence or Association’s name be publicly advertised as the location of any business or commercial activity. This restriction shall not be construed to prohibit any Owner from maintaining a personal or professional library, from keeping personal business or professional records in his/her residence, or from handling personal, business or professional communication and written correspondence in and from his/her residence. Parcels may not be used for commercial or business purposes, including, without limitation, caring for children or adults or any use that requires an occupational license. Occupants may use Parcels for “home office” or ‚Äútelecommuting” purposes, if such uses do not involve customers, clients, vendors, employees, or subcontractors coming onto the property, the posting of any signage in the Community, the storage of equipment, products, or materials in the Community. Such uses are expressly declared customarily incident to residential use.